5 Myths about Assisted Living Homes

“Assisted Living” can be used to reference many topics and categories. This article simply covers Assisted Living Homes in terms of senior housing options. When it comes to finding a place for mom or dad, depending on their level of Care, Physical Ability, Cognitive Ability, Social Desires… we have many options from Retirement Communities, Independent Senior Housing, Assisted Living Facilities, Assisted Living homes, Adult Foster Care Homes, Memory Care Facilities, Skilled Nursing and a few more! How can we make sense of all this! Well, we’ll cover that in many blog entries to come. For now; 5 Myths about Assisted Living Homes.

Myth # 1 Loss of Independence

We all know mom and dad as the hardest working, strongest and willful people in our lives. Seeing them losing their independence is a very scary thought for us children, however keep in mind that it’s a much more difficult process for mom and dad. There are many stages that our loved ones go through which inhibit them to perform tasks that they’ve always been able to do. Assisted Living Homes not only provide a safe, quality care getaway…they also encourage and strive to maintain Independence. This is not just a philosophy, it’s a logical fact that a resident who can’t “assist” a caregiver is more difficult than a resident who can. You see, it’s in the best interest of the care providers to encourage independence as long as possible. Aside from the physical aspect, Assisted Living Homes work closely with Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and other professionals who come into the facility (home) to provide services. There are also Senior Center “pick-ups” where they can go to the local senior center to engage and interact. Some homes also have designated Activity Directors who come in and create mental and physical stimulation.


Myth # 2 Bad Resident to Caregiver Ratio’s

This myth is just about comical! Why? Well, the Assisted Living “Category” of housing has the best care ratio! It is very common to have 1 care giver to 30 residents in large scale facility’s, and even 1-2 care givers to 20 residents in a skilled nursing facility. Assisted Living Homes with a bed license of 5-10 beds will typically have 1-3 care providers. There for a 10 bed facility will have 2-3 caregivers and a 5 bed facility will typically have 1-2 caregivers. That is incredible and this insures prompt attention to each resident!

Myth # 3 Too Expensive

Price point in Senior Housing industry is a broad topic and we’ll discuss this in articles to come. However, on a quick note; when there is a need for “Assisted Living” in Arizona there are typically 3 choices. The first being large scale facilities where residents and move from independent living to assisted living within the same facility. Pricing varies, however a prices can start as low as $4,000+ with basic care and each additional service will be added on; Medication Management, Incontinence Care, Hygiene Care…etc. The next option is Skilled Nursing; this solution typically has a Dr. on staff and for this expect to pay upwards of $6,000+. Residents who need advance care such as; Aggressive / Combative, Memory Care… consider such options. Lastly, we have Assisted Living Homes. The price range is from $1,500 – $6,000+ and this will give you certified care givers and managers with majority of all services included. From massage therapy, beautician services, incontinence supplies included… you receive the most flexibility and price breaks with Assisted Living Homes


Myth # 4 it’s NOT home

Although “Home” could be different for many, we can all agree that mom and dad (and us for that matter) were ALL raised in homes. This is where mom’s special chicken soup was made, and where dad read the bed time stories. Seniors in their later year’s best adapt to “home like” settings, after all… it’s what we all want! You won’t find “commercial” grade food or blankets in a home! An Assisted Living Home (ALH), contrary to some belief truly provides the best comfort living options available today! From comfy couches, to home cooked meals and personalized care…you will find that an ALH could be what you’re looking for. Click Here to find an ALH near you!


Myth # 5 Medicare pays for Assisted Living

Perhaps out of all topics, this one is the hardest to talk about! Typically it comes up in the following way; what do you mean Medicare doesn’t pay for Assisted Living? I’ve been paying Medicare for 30+ years and now when I need it it’s not there? Unfortunately, that’s the truth! There are insurance policies for “Long Term Care Insurance” this does pay for Assisted Living. In Arizona we also have a program called ALTCS which in the event that private pay is not an option, there are homes who have contracts with ALTCS and we work with the best ones!


The true benefit of ElderMom is that we’ll apply a non-biased view when it comes to your particular situation! We’ll have a comprehensive approach and show you the pro’s and cons of each option. Remember, when searching… the secret is not in the home, or price point…it’s in the care providers, experience and reputation. That’s where we come in! Contact us today for a FREE assessment.

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