Is it time to look for more care?

Eldermom Arizona SeniorThere are over 19million Americans who care for their loved ones who are over 75 years old everyday! Today, with our fast paced society it is very easy to forget and negate the importance of evaluating the seniors in your life.

Many feel they have a moral obligation to care for their senior loved ones, without realizing that on the contrary they are minimizing their happiness / independence and adding to their deterioration. Here is a guilt-free guide to knowing when you must look for more care!


#1 Are your loves suffering from a chronic illness like Alzheimers, Dementia, ALS..etc which is declining?


#2 Are requiring more assistance with mobility and becoming more unsteady?


#3 Had a recent fall or injury?


#4 Require more care with Hygiene and other Activities of Daily Living?


#5 Show signs of depression and have unpredictable behavior?


#6 Are they creating a stressful home environment and perhaps creating a wedge between spouses or children?


If you found yourself answering “Yes” to more than one question, be open to the idea that they are not living in the proper environment. Seniors thrive in a safe, consistent and loving environment. The lack of admiration from the senior towards a family member can be very exhausting and quickly become unhealthy for both parties.

SAVE the frustration and don’t wait for a crisis to happen before you make a move!

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