Richard and Shirley Kelliher Scottsdale, AZ
Apprehensive......that's how my wife and I would describe the way we felt when it was decided that her 100 year old mother needed care beyond what we could provide. It wasn't going to be easy. Considering the time to do the research, interviewing, negotiating and who knows what else that came with this type of a decision seemed overwhelming. We envisioned weeks or even months of effort, hassles and endless hours. However, just when we were about to begin our search, a friend suggested Eldermom. It turned out to be a godsend. In three days, thanks to Cheryl we not only found a great home it was at a rate that was much less than expected, thanks to Cherylís negotiating; mom was moved in within a week. We couldn't be happier, and we are so thankful we found Eldermom!
Stacey Stephens, AZ
Finding a place for mom was a overwhelming task for my sister and I as we wanted to make sure that mom ends up in the best possible home! After doing my own research and touring facilities, I was quickly discouraged because I did not like what I found! After contacting ElderMom, I was speechless in the quality of homes in their network. I was also amazed that they negotiated a price for me that saved our family $1,500 per month! My mom could not be happier and we're so glad we didn't do this alone! Thank You!
Jeff Carpenter, AZ
Being an only child; I've never felt so much pressure on making any decision like I've felt with trying to find a home for my mother. I've put this off for many months thinking that mom is "okay"; after all mom kept telling me that she was okay. After observing that she was forgetting her medication, leaving the stove on, un explained bruising I knew I had to make a decision fast! I contact ElderMom because I didn't know where to start and within 1 day we found a PERFECT home only 2miles away from our home. I thought that the transition was going to be a nightmare and to my surprise, mom LOVED her new home! The care is superb and we're so thankful to ElderMom for helping us!
  Arizona Assisted Living Home Owners
Cristina Sav, AZ - Assisted Living Home Owner
Being in the senior industry for many years, I've been exposed and have worked with many senior placement agencies. My experience has always been the same until working with ElderMom. No other agency has cared so much about where a particular resident ends up. They wanted to ensure that the home is fitting but also the staff and workers would complement the new resident but also to ensure that the other residences would be a good fit. They took into account the abilities of each resident and determined if they will smoothly fit in. They also have toured my facility with the family and advocated on their behalf to make sure that nothing goes un-noticed. It's refreshing to know that there are senior placement agencies out there that truly care about the seniors they place.

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